You cherish your piano... so don't let just anyone move it!

Trust the PROS



Trust Our Experience

The Jones Team has a combined 45+ years of experience in the piano moving profession. The owner, Virginia Jones, has been coordinating piano moves for 25 years - the crew leader, Danny Jump has been moving pianos for 19 years. You can trust in Jones Piano Services to transport your valuable instrument safely from pickup to delivery.

Before You Call

We ask that you visit our Questions We Ask page before you call us so you'll know what information we need in order to give you an accurate quote. There, you can verify which type of piano you have and see what information we need about the pickup and delivery locations. We cannot guarantee the quoted price if the information we receive is inaccurate or incomplete.

Not  Just Pianos

Jones Piano Services can move other large instruments as well! We move organs, harpsichords, grandfather clocks, and occasionally large pieces of furniture on a case-by-case basis. We also offer crating services for shipping, as well as the refurbishment of piano cabinetry and other wooden furniture via Danny Jump. Visit our Services page to learn more.