Jones Piano Services operates mainly as a piano moving service. We move all types of pianos as well as organs and grandfather clocks. We also offer piano cleaning services and crating services for large instruments and other large pieces of furniture or decor to be shipped. We will occasionally move large pieces of furniture on a case by case basis.

We have specialized equipment of varying kinds in order to facilitate this with ease. Our crew and equipment can handle any piano moving need from steps to adverse terrains; such as gravel, grass, and dirt. If you are seeking our services I encourage you to visit our Questions We Ask page to see what information we need from you in order to give you an accurate quote for your piano move. Below you will find more information on the services we offer.


Piano Moving

Piano moving is an art, and Jones Piano Services has perfected the craft by implementing specific techniques and specialized equipment through the years. There are many things that could go wrong during the move of such a delicate item, but with the proper equipment and professional expertise, Jones Piano Services will get your piano moved safely and on time.

Each piano move is uniquely dependent upon the specific circumstances regarding the type of piano you have and the particulars of the move. Before calling to get an estimate be sure to visit our Questions We Ask page to see what information we need from you in order to accurately estimate your piano move.

There are many different types of pianos, and the type of piano you have makes a difference as to what is required to move it. For help identifying what type of piano you have, visit our Questions We Ask page where you can view pictures as well as a brief description to help with identification. There are other rare types of pianos, but if you own one, you more than likely know what it is and appreciate it’s uniqueness.

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos such as a spinet, console, or studio are one of the easier pianos to move. They are medium in weight and as long as there are no adverse circumstances, they only require 2 crew members to move. Old upright pianos are large, bulky, and very heavy; quite often requiring extra help.

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos, such as the one pictured below, are where we feel we set ourselves apart from the competition. We have developed a system that ensures the safety of your piano like no other. Depending on the size and circumstance it can take between 2 to 5 crew members to move one of these. There is a diagram explaining precisely how to measure yours on our Questions We Ask page. Please take the time to view the gallery below to see for yourself why your grand piano couldn’t be in better hands!

Organ Moving

Organs present their own set of difficulties when it comes to moving them. We have experience moving all types of organs from spinet to console, and even difficult-to-move Hammond organs.  We remove the pedals and any external speakers before moving. Transporting and padding each piece separately for maximum safety. We also have a special dolly designed just for this purpose. The organ shown below is a typical console organ.

Console Organ

Grandfather Clock Moving

Grandfather clocks require special care and procedures to move properly. We have experience with all types; from antique to more intricate modern models. We remove the weights and pendulum as well as securing the chimes and any other loose parts of the clock’s movement. When transported to its new location, we will set the clock back up and ensure its operating properly. Below is a picture of a beautiful modern Grandfather clock.

Grandfather Clock

Piano Cleaning Services

Our piano cleaning service is complete and thorough. We disassemble the piano including the keys and action in order to ensure we get to all the dust and dirt. This is a very involved process which can be performed in your home and can take as long as 5 to 6 hours to complete. When we are finished your piano will look like new again.

Trailer And Equipment

Many times when we pull up to a customers house they ask, “Where is your ‘truck’?”. We use a trailer instead of a truck because of the many advantages this offers us. For one, our trailer is low to the ground and the ramp door is much wider and more stable than the skinny ramps on most moving trucks. Also, the lower height and less bulk allows us to get into locations most trucks cannot. Our trailer is set up specifically for piano moving and we carry a vast amount of equipment with us for any eventuality.

We have 4 different sized ramps, piano boards in all sizes, and special dollies with wheels which will protect any floor surface from damage. We have the equipment and know-how to solve any piano or organ moving problem.

Crating Services

We can build custom crates for large instruments or other large pieces of furniture or decor for overseas or highway shipping.





Repair Scratches, Dents, Dings, and Piano Finish

Jones Piano is proud to employ Danny Jump, who has apprenticed under the well-known antique restorer, Randy Stark, as a furniture refinisher and antique restorer for many years. He can repair scratches, dents & dings, or give your old finish new life with a finish restoration. Danny also repairs and refinishes all types of wood furniture and cabinetry, separate from his piano work at Jones Piano Services.
You can contact Danny Jump at 859-420-4941 or via email here.