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Grade: A
“I had hired another company to do this job (Bright Side Moving) but they showed up late in a wrecked van, an old flat trailer hitched to the van with boards laid across the trailer. I couldn’t get a hold of my contact so I went home. While I was waiting for the secretary to call or my contact, another person contacted me stating she understood I was having a problem. She had been given this information by an employee who had heard what had happened. Jones Piano Moving said they could handle the job for me, but would have to call one employee in from out of town. She quoted me a price of less than what the other company had said it would cost. I met the two employees at the residence. They were waiting on me. They very carefully disassemble to clock the way you are supposed to and moved it to my residence. They moved the piano out and then moved the clock in and set it up. They knew what they were doing. Then they took the piano to my Cousin’s house as promised with no problems what so ever. They were very courteous even though they had been called on what was supposed to be their day off. I couldn’t ask for a better out come to what could have been a disaster. I’m very appreciative to Virginia Jones for contacting me.
Description of work:
They were to pick up an antique Grandfather clock from one residence, move to another residence and drop clock off, pick up a piano and move to another residence.”

C. Abner, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

“Outstanding service! I’ve shared your contact information with other UK departments.”

Kathy Hight, University of Kentucky – WUKY via Comment Card

“Jones Piano is my mover of choice when I need a piano moved. As a rebuilding shop here in Central KY, it makes my job much easier to know the mover does a great job.”

Ben Griffith, Owner Griffith Piano Shop, Frankfort, KY via Comment Card.

Grade: A
“This (is) the company I should have hired for (the) entire job. Very responsible, responsive, professional.
Description of work:
(Moved) piano after new flooring completed. Had to hire second company because first one scratched new flooring in other room during initial move.”

R. Hadley, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

“Great company to do business with. You were affordable and delivered as promised. We couldn’t have asked for better service. We never heard your men complain about the hard work! I had to give them a monetary tip!”

Ms. Wagoner, Lexington, KY via Comment Card

“The guys were very punctual, super nice, careful and quick. After calling many places and finding Jones Piano Services had the best price, I am now even more glad that I chose them to move my piano home from Nicholasville back home to Lexington, I would Highly recommend their services!!! – Stacey E.”

Stacey Eldridge, Lexington, KY via Facebook

Grade: A
Description of work:
Everything was perfect. Very good communication. Piano moved professionally and swiftly. Punctual and very careful with the piano. I highly recommend Jones Piano Services!!”

S. Jones, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

“I cannot think of one comment I could make to improve the service you and your staff provide. Just keep up the good work.”

Ms. Louis, Danville, KY via Comment Card

“Awesome service! They were on time, efficient, reasonably priced, and my piano was moved without damage or issues. I would absolutely use them again or recommend to a friend!! Thank you!”

Kaylie Raber, Lexington, KY via Facebook

Grade: A
Description of work:
They moved a baby grand piano approximately 50 miles. They arrived within 2 minutes of the agreed time. They had special equipment to protect the piano such as shaped, padded bags for the legs. They were very efficient and careful packing the piano. It was moved with no damage and didn’t even need tuning on arrival.”

B. Johnson Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

“Punctual, fast, and professional. These guys definitely knew what they were doing and had all the equipment to do the job right.”

Will Branham, Lexington, KY via Facebook

“Very professional, trustworthy and experienced piano moving crew! Some of the local competition has been known to steal from people and lack the equipment or experience to do the job well.”

Leigh-Anna L via Google Places

“We had to reschedule because of remodeling issues – no problem to schedule a new date and time. Thanks so much!”

Ms. Tully, Lexington, KY via Comment Card

“The crew showed up on time and moved my grand piano very carefully. They had special equipment and were very professional in all they did. This included going up a flight of steps with my piano and they did so without any harm to the piano, walls, or steps.”

jennylee1957 via Google Places

Grade: A
“Very professional. Called 30 minutes prior to arrival. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. The price was extremely reasonable.
Description of work:
Moved an upright piano.”

K. Caywood, Georgetown, KY via Angie’s List

Grade: A
“Everything went perfect! Everybody in this company that I spoke with or worked with were courteous and helpful. They definitely know how to do their jobs and they do them very well!
Description of work:
They moved a piano from one floor of my house to another floor. They had to go out the front door, up the walkway, across the street to the driveway, and down the driveway to the back door of the bottom floor of the house.”

S. Crumpler, Frankfort, KY via Angie’s List

Grade: A
Description of work:
Moved three pianos.”

B. Becht, Versailles, KY via Angie’s List

“I do furniture repair and restoration including pianos. My highest compliment is that I never hear from them, meaning they don’t damage the pianos they move.”

Randy Stark, Owner From Stark to Finish Jeffersonville, KY via Comment Card

Grade: B
Description of work:
Moved piano across the street.”

J. Holloway, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

Grade: A
Description of work:
They were very prompt & quick. It was a relatively easy piano move & only took about 1 hr for them to move the piano (approximately) 7 miles.”

R. Fifield, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

Grade: A
“The movers were right on time and were very professional and courteous. Our grand piano was bigger than they expected (my error), so they measured everything carefully before wrapping and moving it. We needed to clean the piano legs before transport and they helpfully disconnected them for us and waited for us to finish. They had all the equipment needed to get up and down our porch steps and got the piano out of our house and loaded on their truck in under half an hour. The piano was being delivered to my mother’s house across town and I wasn’t there when they dropped it off, but she told me that it arrived without any damage and that they set it up and moved it into place just where she wanted it, so she was very happy. I don’t expect to need to move that piano again any time soon, but we were pleased with their service and would recommend them to others.
Description of work:
Moved a grand piano from one private residence to another across town.”

VL, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List

Grade: A
“They responded quickly with a price when I emailed about moving our piano. They showed up at the appointed time right on time with all the equipment they needed. The piano was moved to where we wanted in a flash with no damage to floors or walls along the way. It was all good – quick and painless.
Description of work:
They moved a piano from a bedroom outside and into another room at the other end of the house that couldn’t be accessed from inside.”

M. Kinney, Lexington, KY via Angie’s List