Questions We Ask

What type of piano or organ do you have?

Of course this may seem like an easy question, but the various styles of pianos and organs each present their own set of challenges. Below is a gallery with a brief description of each style of piano and organ. Having an accurate description can make all the difference in a succesful move.

Is it a player piano?

A player unit can add anywhere from 150 to 300 pounds to the weight of a piano. Depending on the circumstances, additional movers may be required.

Measuring a grand piano

When measuring a grand piano, accuracy is important. We use different sized equipment based on this measurement. Below is an image that will guide you in that process.


Are there any steps?

We need to know if there will be any steps at the pick-up or delivery location which the piano will have to go up or down. This can be anything from steps up to the porch, along the sidewalk leading up to the house, outside at an apartment complex or inside the house. We also need to know what the steps are made of - are they carpeted, hardwood, brick, concrete, or unfinished wood? Are there any turns or landings? How much room do we have at the top and/or bottom? Each type of step requires different methods and equipment, depending on how many there are and the material of which they are made.

Any adverse terrain?

Will the piano have to travel across sand, dirt, gravel or grass? Up or down an incline? These circumstances present challenges of their own therefore we need to know in advance in order to have the required number of movers and so that we can quote you appropriately.

Is the move within Lexington?

Our piano prices are based on the piano being moved within Lexington, KY. If we have to go outside Lexington then mileage will be charged based on the total miles traveled. It is very important that we get exact addresses and contact information for this reason.

Why do we ask these questions?

Piano moving is an art. There are many things that could go wrong, resulting in injury of the piano or a mover. We have perfected this art by implementing specific techniques and equipment over the years, which are dependent upon the circumstances of the move and invariably determines the price. We are constantly striving to keep your piano and our backs as safe as possible. Besides, if you come across a piano mover who gives you a price without asking any questions, you probably shouldn't let them move your piano - they obviously don't have enough experience to know that being prepared can make or break a successful move.