Jones Piano Services, that’s us.


WHO we are, WHAT we do, and HOW we do it tells you all you need to know because we aren’t simply furniture movers and packers. WE ARE a crew of expert professionals specializing in moving pianos, organs, and grandfather clocks; and WE DO it with a combination of experience, care, and expertise.


Our operation is home based in Lexington; we move pianos throughout Kentucky and nearby locales.  Our crew is comprised of professional piano movers who each have years of experience doing their job.


Message from Virginia


Hi!  I’m Virginia Jones.  Usually, I’m the one you’ll contact when inquiring about our services. I’ve been asking potential customers countless questions about their pianos for 24 years and have the greatest respect for and confidence in the crews who get this job done.


In 1992 I began working at Bright Side Moving Services; they specialized in moving pianos.  The company was well known for the careful and professional job that was performed and I was amazed by the constant flow of referrals that were received.


When Bright Side’s owner, Michael Graetz, decided to dismantle his business, my knowing that the high-quality work would continue became very important to me.  Joined by the talents of Danny Jump and Patrick Crawford, Jones Piano Services came into being.


After 12 years of working (and learning) with Michael at Bright Side, I married Kenneth Jones. Kenny was a piano tuner/technician who used Bright Side to move pianos for his business. It was with his encouragement that I decided to continue what Michael had begun. Mr. Graetz worked with and trained everyone who moves pianos for this company and every member of our crew hold themselves to the same high standards of a job well done.


While working with Bright Side it was my pleasure to have as colleagues Danny and Patrick. There, they were dedicated and talented piano movers. As movers for Jones Piano, both men work together smoothly and give the utmost attention to detail in taking care of your instrument.


Danny and Patrick have the ability and knowledge to assess a moving situation and determine the best way to get your piano up that flight of steps or situated perfectly in its new home. Good details, careful planning, specialty equipment and know-how, is what allows our crew to stand out in this specialized field to make you a satisfied customer.


Contact us here to get a free estimate after visiting our Questions We Ask page. I look forward to getting your instrument moved safely and hassle-free. Thanks for stopping by to take the time to get to know me.