COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 has become a part of all our lives and has changed the way we are living them. 
We at Jones Piano Services are doing all we can to keep ourselves and our customers protected in these crazy and unpredictable times.
Just like you, we want our families and loved ones to be safe and healthy. At the same time, we recognize that there truly are situations where pianos must be moved. We know that there are people who have made prior arrangements to move and must vacate their homes within a set time-frame. Thus, we are still moving pianos.
If you need to have a piano moved, please send a message through our contact form, or text your information to 859-255-8856 for the quickest response. 
When you schedule a piano or organ move, we ask that you maintain the suggested social distancing while we are there, and to remove anything from the top of the piano or organ so we don't touch your things. Also, please move anything out of the path of the piano to help minimize unnecessary contact for our movers. For the time-being, handshakes and close contact aren't necessary for the safety of all.
Thank you for doing all you can to follow the guidelines issued by our Governor.
Virginia Jones